Refer Friends


Inform to every friends World-Wide about Midwaytel calling services and for every person you refer to buy new service, we will give you up to 20$ bonus. You may take advantage of this promotion by completing the form below and Submit. Our sales manager will call and briefly explaining our services with an invitation to join. Now you can do more referral gets you more minutes as mentioned in below according to the plan purchased by your friend.

  • 15 USD – You will get the bonus of 100 Minutes.
  • 25 USD – You will get the bonus of 200 Minutes.
  • 50 USD – You will get the bonus of 500 Minutes.
  • 100 USD – You will get the bonus of 1100 Minutes.

To get this offer, the person making the referral must be a registered user of Midwaytel service and the person who was referred must be singes up with minimum 25 USD, we will process the information and credit the referral bonus amount to your account in between 24 hour of sign-up by your friend.