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Are you staying in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom while your family remains in India? Then you'll most likely need to call India more regularly, perhaps even daily. Because there are so many Indians residing there, the demand for low-cost calls to India is growing by the day. The issue is that locating a dependable, high-quality provider is quite difficult. I agree that there are several choices available nowadays, such as India calling cards, Telephone service, and even apps, but choosing one that meets one's specific needs is difficult. After that, let's have a look at some solid alternatives.



What's the deal with Midwaytel?


Get Calls to India's mobile and landline numbers are the cheapest in the world. You maintain track of your phone number so that your family and friends are constantly aware of your whereabouts. There are no hidden charges, no commitments, and no money-sucking dodgy subscriptions, just a simple per-minute pricing.
Midwaytel provides calls in India to premium HD quality, so you won't know the difference between a regular local call and an international call to India with Midwaytel. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. Payments with VISA and MasterCard are simple and safe. For Android, we also offer PayPal in-app purchases, as well as AliPay and iDeal in select countries. You may get credits straight from the app or through the website. Our software has a user-friendly layout with few tabs, so you'll never get lost.



Get Cheap Calls to India from the USA

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Make Cheap calls to India from Canada

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Name Minutes Monthly Fee Price / min
India 250 250 $2.25 0.9¢ Buy Now
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Name Minutes Monthly Fee Price / min
India 250 250 $2.25 0.9¢ Buy Now
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India 5000 5000 $25.00 0.5¢ Buy Now

Get Cheap calls to India from the USA, Canada & UK

Affordable Plan Available Here

Category Locality / Network Price / Minutes
Landlines All Landlines 1.3¢
Mobiles All Networks 1.3¢


Midway offers you cheap calls to India

Do you need to make a call to India from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or another country? We've got your back! Simply download the Midwaytel app for Android or iOS and make HD-quality calls to India at the lowest possible rates..


It's better than any India business card.

Sometimes the cheaper rates aren't worth it because the calling cards to India are of such poor quality. We believe that quality is equally as essential as the price at Midwaytel. That's why we combine the two: we get you the best pricing and the best connection to India. Consider it the greatest digital business card available.


Calling India from the United States

The steps for using the Midwaytel app to call India from the United States are listed below:
  1. Here's how to contact India from the United States:
  2. First, call the exit code in the app (011).
  3. Then dial India's country code (91).
  4. If you're dialing a landline,
  5. dial the area code (2-4 digits).
  6. If you're calling a cell phone, you may skip this step.
  7. Make a call to the number you want to contact.
  8. Start chatting as soon as you press the call button!



The Best App for International Calling to India


There are a variety of calling applications available currently to assist you in reaching your loved ones in India:

Midwaytel - Get Premium quality calls without the need for internet, with low prices ranging from 0.5¢ per minute for pay-as-you-go
 to $10 per month for unlimited subscriptions.

Skype - Requires an internet connection, and call quality varies depending on it. Paid options cost 1.8¢ per minute plus a 5.9¢ connection
 charge every call, and internet access is required to make the call.

WhatsApp - I'm quite that everyone already knows about this. Whatsapp is a mobile software that allows two people to make free phone calls to each other if they have it installed on their cellphones. Carrier costs may apply, however if you connect to the internet via WiFi, you will only be charged for your internet subscription (nothing special for the calls). The drawback is that you must contact someone who has Whatsapp installed on their smartphone, and you cannot call landlines.

Viber - Starts at 2.5¢/minute, requires an online connection, and call quality varies depending on the internet connection.

You should think about cost, quality, and flexibility while choosing the finest calling app for you. We provide the greatest mix of all three at Midwaytel. Our many plans are tailored to meet your specific calling requirements while preserving premium-quality connections at the lowest total cost rates, all without the use of the internet. Midwaytel is the top-quality app for calling India because of the above.




India calling codes

Looking for the India calling code? The India calling code contains the country code +91 which will allow you to call India from any country in the world. The country code is followed by the city code. Below you can find the most called city codes.

Ahmedabad 79
Amristsar 183
Banga 1825
Bangalore 80
Bar 293742
Baroda 265
Bhopal 755
Bombay (Mumbai) 22
Calcutta 33
Chandigarh 172
Delhi 11
Hyderabad 40
Jaipur 141
Jullundur 181
Kanpur 512
Madras 44
New Delhi 11
Poo 1785
Poona 212
Poona (Pune) 20
Surat 261


The easiest way to contact India is through phone


With the Midwaytel app, you may pick the most convenient method for making international calls to India.

India Unlimited - If you call India frequently, this is the most cost-effective method to make secure, high-quality calls.

Global Unlimited - If you make international calls to many countries, this package is for you.

World Credits - This is the way to go if you're not sure how often you'll call India but want to save money per minute.

Midwaytel is the finest calling app for you regardless of the plan you pick since it allows you to make premium calls to India at the lowest prices imaginable.





Looking at all of the choices above, Whatsapp is undoubtedly the cheapest way to contact mobile phones in India. It's completely free, and the call quality is excellent. The other person (to whom you are trying to contact) must, however, have a smartphone with Whatsapp installed. Whatsapp currently does not allow you to call landlines.



So, what's the ideal way to refer to India? If you have a lot of calls to make, don't go for the cheapest choice,in my view. Yes, calling cards or even VOIP applications are an excellent choice if it's an emergency and you're only calling in for a short time. However, if you'll be chatting for a long time and want a nice experience, Axvoice is an excellent option.


How to Make a Call to India Using Localphone?

It's less expensive than a calling card to India. Localphone is less expensive than calling cards to India that may claim a lower rate since our calls are devoid of hidden costs like connection fees or pricey access numbers. Calling India has never been easier thanks to our Local Numbers service. Simply provide us with the phone number you wish to contact, and we'll provide you with a local number that connects directly to it. Save the number on your phone and dial it whenever you wish to contact India. You only have to pay the cost of a local call (which is typically free) plus a smaller per-minute fee to us.