Frequently Ask Questions

How to get an Account?

  1. On the Homepage, you can click on a link Sign up.
  2. You can click Sign up for an Account when you are prompted during the buying process.

How to change my Email address or Login ID?

  1. Please contact Customer Service for help

Information Security

Member Account contains following information about each member stored in an encrypted form on our secure servers.

  1. Name - to prevent fraudulent transactions.
  2. Address - to prevent fraudulent transactions
  3. Email - to send order confirmation, passwords, pins etc
  4. Phone Number(s) - to prevent fraudulent transactions.

How can I use my Service?

Using Midwaytel Service is very easy. Here's how you can place your calls using Midyaytel Service.

  1. Dial the Access number from any registered phone.
  2. Enter your destination number when prompted by the system
  3. For international calls, dial 00 + your destination number along with the applicable National and City specific codes
  4. Within the United States or Canada, dial 1 + your destination number within the United States or Canada or the Caribbean
  5. You can also install Midwaytel application on your android and iPhone Cell phones, You can make direct call from your contact list.

What is a PINLESS Services?

PINLESS Services are new type of phone cards that allow you to make phone calls without the need of entering your PINs (hence the name PINLESS). All Pinless Services sold on website are also rechargeable (which means you can add more money to your phone anytime).

How do I pay for my Orders?

  1. You can pay through Credit card, Debit card and Paypal. We accept Discover, Solo, Maestro,MasterCard and VISA card.

Is the Website Secure?

Our website is 100% secure. We use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate issued by GeoTrust using 128-bit encryption technology. We encrypt all communication between your browser and our website. We do not store your full Credit-Card information. Your personal information is stored encrypted and securely behind the firewalls on our secured servers. We are 100% compliant with Payment Card Industry's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). CISP is an industry wide program initiated by VISA, MasterCard, Discover and requires all the payment gateway services and online Merchants to the strictest regulations concerning your data. Now you know, it is completely safe to use your Credit cards on our website.

How to check my Current and Previous Orders?

You can log into your account to check your order history. Your most recent purchases will show up on the top of the list.

What is your return policy?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If for any instance, you are not pleased with our service, we will refund 100% of the remaining balance.

What is Speed Dial?

Speed Dial is a very user-friendly new concept. When you use Midwaytel Service , We can also assigned 1 or 2 digit codes for your long-long destination numbers. When you make the phone call, the system prompts you to enter your phone number. At this time you can enter your 1 or 2 digit code. System will tell you how many minutes you have and then connect you to the destination.

What Is Local Access Number?

Instead of the Toll-Free access numbers, Local access number provide you with phone numbers in your local calling area. You can pick access-numbers that are local to your calling area for making the calls. Local Access numbers are usually cheaper than the regular Phone cards.

If you see this image for any product on the search page, that product also has Local Access numbers in addition to Toll-free numbers. You are solely responsible for choosing access numbers from the website ( ) that are local to you and are free of charge. We recommend that you contact your local telephone company to confirm that the number(s) that appear are local and free of charge for you to call. will not reimburse you for any long distance phone charges incurred.

Our Customers Said

i m using midwaytel from last 5 year and i am realy happy. !

Ohidul Islam, Norway

Hi i am Rajender singh from Canada and i love midwaytel application calling to India !

Rajender, CANADA

Bahut hi badiya service hai pakistan call ke liye rates bhi bahut acche hai midwaytel ke !

Inam Khan, Paris France

Quality of voice is very clear. our all family members are using scince 2012 !

Jyoti Sharma, USA